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7 Best Areas in San Antonio to Find Great Investment Properties in 2022

System - Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Have you been thinking about buying an investment property in San Antonio?

This bustling city sits right on the San Antonio River and is a hub for Hispanic culture, great food, and even better drinks. It's one of the top cities in the country to rent in and for good reason.

Read on to learn about the best areas for investment properties in the city.

1. Prospect Hill 

Prospect Hill is one of the more affordable places to invest in rental properties in the area. It's a neighborhood of only two streets, so you can expect it to be a quiet place.

Although the neighborhood itself only has two streets, there are plenty of parks around the area for some greenery.

2. River Walk

If you've heard of San Antonio before, you probably know about the River Walk. Although it's a touristy area, it is also quite popular for locals to go there as well.

Choosing to go with San Antonio investment properties near the River Walk area is a great idea since it is so walkable to other areas as well.

3. Terell Heights

If you are looking for a less touristy area, Terell Heights is a great option. It's a very packed suburban area close to Alamo Heights, which is always ranked one of the top neighborhoods in San Antonio. 

When it comes to rental properties, Terell Heights is a great place to look.

4. Downtown San Antonio

Downtown San Antonio is one of the best places to rent. There are plenty of things to see and do in downtown San Antonio, so anyone who moves here would be eager to move to this area.

Having a rental property in this neighborhood means you'll be getting a great return on your investment. 

5. Oakland Estates

Oakland Estates is known to have great restaurants and great schools, which is why it is mostly made up of single-family homes.

Although it is not the most walkable area to get to things, it's a great area for families to move to.

6. Woodlawn Lake

Woodlawn Lake is the neighborhood that targets single professionals in the area. It's a 10-minute drive to downtown, so pretty easy to get to by car.

The homes do tend to be pricier here.

7. Midtown

If you don't want to invest in rental properties downtown, Midtown is the next best option. It is an eclectic neighborhood in the heart of San Antonio with cute boutiques and great restaurants and cafes.

Investment Properties in San Antonio Neighborhoods 

San Antonio is one of the best places to invest in real estate in the country right now.

Choosing one of these seven neighborhoods for your investment properties will ensure you will get the return on your investment that you are hoping for.

We have plenty of properties available and want to help you start with your own property management. Ready to get started? Contact our office today with any questions you have!