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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Homes for Rent

Stephen Foster - Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Property Management Blog

You have a fantastic career, a stable salary, and an excellent network of friends. Now, it's time to move out of your parent's basement and into adulthood. Embarking in the homes for rent journey can be exciting and challenging.

If you make the wrong move, you are stuck with high rent and a horrible place to live. However, if you play your cards right, you end up with luxury at a low price. Continue reading to avoid these apartment hunting mistakes.

Not All Leases Are Identical

A lease is a legally binding contract, and you are obligated by its terms. Therefore, do not sign the lease until you have studied the fine print. Conduct any necessary research on what you don't understand. 

Get help from a lawyer if you need to. Make sure you have a copy of the signed lease agreement from the owner for your records.

Roommates Should Visit the Apartments Together

Splitting the meetings may sound appealing. However, the competitive rental market may not allow for a second individual to see the flat. Therefore, avoid signing up for an apartment that you have not seen. 

If you're in a competitive rental market, everyone should see the apartments together. It is the only method to ensure that your team is satisfied with the final choice and that no errors are made.

Don’t Forget to Add Commute to the Deciding Factor

Living in an economical area saves you money on rent, but it costs you more to commute to work. Prolonged commutes add stress and automobile time to your day. 

It also leads to higher gas, oil change, and vehicle maintenance costs. Therefore, you should not neglect commute time.

Not Budgeting 

Before you begin apartment shopping, determine your budget. Decide on a number and stick to it. According to financial experts, you should never spend more than 30% of your net income on rent. 

You also want to have wiggle room for emergencies and unforeseen costs. Don't forget to budget for the big move.

Not Recording Pre-Existing Damages

 If you fail to record the state of the unit before moving in, you risk being held financially liable. This can be a nightmare if there are subsequent damages. When you move out, those problems may come back to haunt you. 

Before you sign a lease, take a tour of the home with the owner. Take photographs of any damage along with time and date stamp. This will help prevent unforeseen charges for damages you did not cause.

Not Checking for Mobile Service Signals

Double-check the signal strength of your phone provider before making a decision. You don't want to go around the block each time you make a call. 

Not Getting Renters Insurance

Your landlord may have insurance on the property, but this does mean you are protected. If you want protection for your goods, you must obtain your own renter's insurance.

Protect yourself by purchasing insurance immediately upon contract signing. Renters insurance is inexpensive and can save you money in the long run.

Pictures Do Not Say a Thousand Words

Photographs may be deceiving, make sure to visit in person. You want to avoid being disappointed after signing the lease. 

Visiting the new living space in person safeguards you from falling victim to a scam artist. It ensures that the new home is what you expected from the pictures.

Not Thinking About Parking

You're on your way home from work and can't wait to unwind in your new apartment. But there's one problem, where's the parking? During your apartment hunting journey, never assume there is always parking.

Some apartments may lack a designated parking space. If that's the case, check to see if there's enough street parking nearby. Remember to pay special attention to street signs, like:

  • Verify permission requirements
  • Overnight limitations
  • Tow-away periods

Some apartment complexes have no designated parking or street parking nearby. If that's the case, you might have to sell your car or look for a new apartment.

Where Can You Learn More About Homes for Rent?

"Homes for rent" is three beautiful words to jumpstart your journey to adulthood. You want to rent a house with the right amenities without breaking the bank. There are a lot of hidden fees in the contract.

Fortunately, our rent a home strategies can help you avoid common mistakes. That way, you can find the house of your dreams. If you like, contact us for more info on homes for rent.