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What to Include in a Move in Move Out Checklist

System - Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Over the past few years, the number of renters versus homeowners that move has been significantly higher. It's understood that many renters often move because the lease they've signed has ended, and if they don't wish to renew, then it's time to find another place to live.

If you've got tenants that are moving out, it's crucial that you provide them with a move-in move-out checklist before they begin living there. These are the list you use during the walkthrough.

It's so you understand items that need attention and determine whether the tenant will receive their deposit fee after leaving.

Read below and determine the items you must include in a move-out move-in template before allowing tenants to leave.

Check State Requirements

Before we begin to detail what you need to include in a move-in move-out inspection, you, the property manager, first need to ensure it's required in your state. Some states require that you inspect different things, such as taking an inventory of specific appliances or the property itself.

These regulations will also determine if there are exceptions to creating these lists and their legal statutes. Take time to refresh yourself on what's expected from you when creating a property inspection checklist.

With that out of the way, here are some things you need to include on the tenant move-out checklist to ensure you complete a thorough walkthrough.

Removal of All Belongings

The first thing to include on the checklist is the removal of all the tenant's belongings. If they still have their belongings in the home, it can be challenging to determine if damages need to be addressed.

All belongings need to be out of the home before you begin the walkthrough so it can be completed one time.

Inspect Utilities

All the utilities in the rental property should be left on so you can confirm they're in working order.

It also allows you to determine if any leaks or shortages weren't present when the tenant moved in, but now they are an issue.

Inspect Appliance Surfaces

These appliances could include the drip pans used on the stove and cleaning out the refrigerator. While everything doesn't have to be 100% spotless, it should be returned to the condition it was in during the move-in inspection.

All appliances should be wiped off and sanitized before the walkthrough.

Vacuum the Carpet

Replacing carpet is extensive and time-consuming, but vacuuming it is enough if there are no significant stains.

If you notice stains in the carpet that didn't come out when the tenant vacuumed, it's something to note because you will need to charge the tenant for the carpet replacement.

What to Put On A Move-In Move Out Checklist?

There are several items to include on a move-in move-out checklist, and we've listed a few. You need to ensure that all the tenant's belongings are out of the home before you begin the walkthrough and inspect the utilities.

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