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Why Professional Property Management is Better than Self Management

Stephen Foster - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Many rental property owners wonder if they are better off managing their own properties instead of hiring a property manager. Today, we are talking about why it’s better to have your property professionally managed instead of self managing.

Peace of Mind

One of the things a professional property manager can provide for owners is peace of mind. This is important, especially if you don’t have the time and the knowledge to give your rental property the attention it needs. We take care of all the day to day activities.

Objective Management

Property owners who manage their own rentals have a hard time keeping a professional distance from the property and the tenants. We are able to manage all the leasing, tenant screening, rent collection and repairs that are needed on the property. We try to be objective rather than subjective in our work, which is helpful to you as the owner. A professional property manager is in the middle between you and your tenant, which means all decisions are made with your best interests in mind.

Legal Knowledge

It is absolutely essential for anyone managing rental property to be up to date on the current laws and regulations. We take this seriously and place a strong emphasis on being current with today’s property codes and laws affecting tenancy and landlords. Every two years, the Texas legislature meets, and laws are changed. We stay current in order to protect your investment. It helps us to keep your property up to code. Compliance also extends to you and your tenants. We make sure all parties abide by management agreements and lease.

A professional property manager can help you get more out of your property and your investment. If you have any questions, or you’d like to hear more, please contact us at Boardwalk Real Property Management.