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Rental Criteria

and Application Information

Requirement Qualifications: Your Gross Monthly Income should be three (3) times the monthly rent amount or greater and verifiable. Legally married couples may combine incomes; submit a marriage certificate if your name is different from your spouse. If Common Law incomes may be combined, however, please submit a notarized Affidavit Regarding Common Law Informal Marriage form. Families, e.g. mother and daughter or roommates may not combine incomes. One roommate must qualify, roommate situations must be approved by the Owner.

Rental History: You must list your last two (2) landlord's information. You must give your current landlord a written Notice to Vacate prior to the processing of your application. Current and previous residencies must be verifiable, free of evictions, judgments, and unpaid rents. A previous breached lease will result in application denial.

Proof of Income: Submit three (3) of your most recent pay stubs. If a new hire, submit on employer's company letterhead your hire date, gross monthly income and signature of Human Resources or Supervisor. If self-employed, provide the last two (2) year's tax returns or 1099's.

Credit History: To determine satisfactory credit worthiness, we obtain a report from a credit-reporting agency. A bankruptcy must be cleared.

Criminal History Criteria: We review each applicant’s criminal history and factor in what the crime was and when it happened. An applicant will be rejected for a history of any of the following:

Occupancy: The number of occupants per Texas Property Code may not exceed three (3) persons per bedroom.  Application move in date must be within two (2) weeks from the date the property is available.

Pets: Policies on pets vary from home to home. Dogs less than one (1) year old are not allowed in any property. Some property Owners do not allow pets; others have restrictions. Pet fees (non-refundable) are $300.00 per pet with a maximum of two (2) pets per property. Please call the office to determine the pet policy for the home for which you are applying. None of our homes permit the following breeds of dogs:  Akita, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff or Mastiff, Chow, Doberman, German Shepherd, Husky, Presa Canario, Pit Bull, Siberian Husky, Staffordshire Terrier,Yorkshire Terrier, Wolf Dog, Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier,Rottweiler or any mixed breed that is a near relative. Pet policies are strictly enforced, and any breach will be grounds for termination of the lease, at tenant's expense.

Pet Screening Profile: One applicant per household will be required to complete a pet screening profile (even if you do not have a pet/animal). Please go to: and follow the instructions to complete.

Application and Funds

Application and Required Documents: Application must be completed and submitted online through our website. Any additional required documents may be emailed or brought in to the office.

Application Funds: A non-refundable application fee of $65 is required per applicant 18 or older and payable by credit card or certified funds. If approved the security deposit will be due within 48 hours of approval in certified funds. 

Approval Process

Once you are approved, you will be notified by phone to schedule a lease-signing appointment. All finanancially responsible adults must sign the lease. Prior to or at move-in, rent, the lease admin fee, and any other applicable fees or additional deposits will be collected.

Office Location: We are located approximately one mile north of North Loop 410 @ 2141 NW Military HWY #101. You may drop paperwork off in an envelope addressed to us during office hours or in our drop box located just left of our building entrance.

Fair Housing: At At HomeRiver Group San Antonio, we take the Fair Housing Act and Non-Discrimination seriously. It is our goal to provide equal opportunity housing to all persons and we do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, familial status, age, disability or national status. 

Rental Rules

Leases: Leases are for a minimum of one year, unless otherwise stated. All leases require a 30-day written notice to vacate even if the move is in conjunction with lease expiration. Residents must allow property to be shown during notice period, or 30 days notice period will start upon vacancy. We do not break leases for a voluntary move; any resident vacating during the initial lease period for reasons other than official military transfer orders will be charged termination fees as stated in the lease” and remove the red-lined section. In addition to being liable for any lost rent, the costs of re renting the premises.

Rent: All rent is due in full on the 1st of the month. Rent may be paid by check, money order, credit card or withdrawn from your account monthly via thru the tenant portal. Rent paid after the 1st of the month must be by money order and include the correct late fee. We are not on a bi-monthly system and do not accept paying 1/2 the rent on the first and 1/2 on the 15th. Please notify the company if you anticipate any problems paying the full rent on time.

Insurance: The landlord/ property owner carries a fire policy that covers the dwelling only. Insurance coverage for the contents (i.e. your furniture, jewelry, guns, etc.) must be provided by the resident. Owner recommends that resident obtain liability coverage also to cover negligent or accidental acts by resident, family, and/or guests.

Maintenance: Routine maintenance such as replacing faucet washers, cleaning gutters, replacing furnace filters and lawn and shrub care is the responsibility of the resident. All repair request must be in writing and must go through the office. You may also login online and complete a work order request under the Tenant logo on our web site. A repair deemed to have been made necessary by the resident (i.e. a kitchen drain stopped up by grease) will be billed to the resident. No changes may be made to the premises without PRIOR approval of the property manager – including contact paper in cabinets, wallpaper, painting, taking out or adding plants, etc. If it is an emergency, please contact our office by phone and talk with your property manager or press 5, if after hours, for the emergency voicemail. This will notify us 24 hours a day. An emergency is free flowing water, stopped up drain lines or nonfunctioning heating or air conditioning.

Pest Control: If a pest control problem exists at the time a resident occupies a house, we will have a professional pest control company spray the property one time at the owner's expense within 30 days of move-in. Any additional spraying/ treatments after occupancy will be the responsibility of the resident. Any dangerous pests such as scorpions, killer bees and fire ants must be reported to the management company.

Surveys: You will receive a Residential Lease Inventory and Condition Form at move in. Please fill this form out and return it to the office within 3 days. This survey will be used as a comparison for the one done at the time you vacate. If you find something that does not work, you may send in a written work order to the office or login online on our web site to complete a work order.

Cleaning: When the property is turned back over after you vacate, it must be clean. This includes (but is not limited to) the stove, oven, and refrigerator must be cleaned, the carpets professionally cleaned, bathrooms clean, cabinets cleaned inside and out, woodwork cleaned and walls spot-cleaned if necessary, and the windows to be washed inside. All trash is to be removed and may not be left outside for later pick-up by garbage collectors. A checkout guide will be sent to you when we receive your 30-day notice. Any residue or smell from pets, cooking, smoking, etc. must be eliminated or will considered as damage.

Checkouts: Checkouts will be done during the business week. The resident will be responsible for rent until the keys are returned and/or the end of the lease period, whichever is later. Resident is to clean house and have it ready for final and only survey, and then bring keys to the office to terminate their possession of the house. Deposits will be refunded within 30 days, minus any repair estimates or cleaning done. Utilities must remain on until inspection and any cleaning is done.

Helpful hints: For those who have never had the acrylic or fiberglass tubs before, please do not use scouring powder to clean them. It will ruin the finish. There are special cleaning products for these units. Also – for houses with fireplaces/ wood stoves, the resident living there is presumed to have used them (during winter, of course) and will be billed for the annual cleaning in the spring. If you do not use it and the chimney- sweep verifies that it was not used since the last cleaning, then there will be no charge. If the oven is self- cleaning, please do not use oven cleaner in it. NO SMOKING ALLOWED INSIDE PROPERTY.

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